Satisfied Contentment

The other day I wrote a short piece about the little things in life and how happy they made me. The euphoric moments of gratitude over having a husband I love, a job I enjoy, and family and friends that I adore. And there are no words to describe how lucky and happy all those little things make me feel, but today I’m feeling a different kind of happy, a calmer, more subtle kind.

Over the past 2 weeks, Kyle and I have cleaned the whole house. Living room, kitchen, 2 bathrooms, dining room, library and bedroom. And I’m sitting here now, having finished the bedroom today and washed a sink full of dishes, relaxing in my library chair with a book and a beer and I’m just so damn content. Like a cat who has found the perfect spot in the sunshine, I just feel satisfied. I can sit and read and not worry that I should be doing something else. My house is so clean and lovely right now that I never want to leave it.

So while having euphoric little moments is what makes life worth living, there is something to be said for simple contentment.



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