Fall into a great book~

Some days, I really love my job.

This was my “big project” today, after toddler time and shelving books:



Happy Thursday!


Empty Glass

The glass sat empty in front of the similarly vacated bar stool. Alan wasn’t sure where the girl had gone, even more unsure of how he could have missed her exiting.

She’d come into the bar at 4, in the strange limbo hours that fall between lunch eaters and happy hour attendees.  She was dressed simply, just jeans and a long gray tank top, and she wore sunglasses over her eyes until she reached the bar.  Here, she had slid into her seat, removed the glasses  and placed a 10 dollar bill on the table, all in one fluid motion.  He had immediately noticed her bright green eyes and the conspicuously large men’s watch she wore on her left wrist.

“What can I get you?” he asked, placing a coaster on the bar.

“Double gin and tonic, lots of ice,” she’d answered instantly.  He had paused, about to ask for her ID when he noticed she’d already slid it across the bar. Looking down, he read her name Augustus, July (that seems cruel, he thought) and her birthday January 1, 1986 which made her 26.  He smiled up at her and returned the card,  then turned  to make the drink. 

When he placed it in front of her, she nodded and pushed the $10 toward him.  He turned to the till to make change.

When he turned back, he was faced with that empty glass with its empty bar stool, and he was suddenly alone in the bar again, holding $3.75 in his hand with no one to give it to.

And then there was Wodehouse

Have you read P.G. Wodehouse?

I discovered that the man existed last spring when I read an article in The New Yorker about this author that people became obsessed with.  There were multiple accounts within the article of someone picking up Wodehouse only to be unable to put it down, or to stop reading him, ever.

Sure, I was skeptical, but I thought I’d give it a shot.  I found some instances of his writing online and it reminded me of something my best pal S would really enjoy, so I forwarded the info to him, and bought him a treasury of Wodehouse books for Christmas.  I, on the other hand, was apparently so absorbed in other literary (and not so literary) works, that I didn’t read any myself.

Since graduating with my Masters, I have been faced off and on with not only writing block, but reading block.  I’ll fall incredibly in love with a book, finish it, and then be unable to get involved in anything else.  In case you’re wondering, the books I fell in love with this summer are (in no particular order):

The Fault in our Stars by John Green


Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

The Borrower by Rebecca Makai

The Weird Sisters by Eleanor Brown


The Age of Miracles by Karen Thompson Walker

(note: I read other books…these were just the cream of the crop)

Now, these books vary in content, genre, style, etc, and they all captured me for different reasons.  After finishing The Age of Miracles recently, I found myself stuck again. And it was a long stuck. I checked out multiple new books at the library, and every single one failed to capture my interest. Not because they were bad, poorly written, or “not my thing”…I just couldn’t be absorbed.

And then I ran across a Wodehouse volume, “The Cat-Nappers”, first published under the even more hilarious name “Aunts Aren’t Gentlemen”.  And now all I want to do is kick myself for not starting him earlier, and leap for joy because there are SO MANY new books to read.


He. Is. Hilarious. He writes about Bertram “Bertie” Wooster and his ever-faithful and stoic and incredible butler Jeeves.

I suggest you go out and find one for yourself, post haste.  I’ll leave you with a favorite snippet from my current read (just one, because otherwise I’d be typing forever, and I’d really rather get back to the reading):

“She ignored my observation.  This generally happens with me.  Show me a woman, I sometimes say, and I will show you someone who is going to ignore my observations.”


The Best of the Good: Found items


I stumbled upon a unlabeled cd that I assumed was blank until I popped it into my computer and found that it was full. It turns out to be a mix from my Junior year of college (yes I can tell exactly when this cd was made, I’m just that good). Now, to me, I don’t want to admit that my Junior year…

I can honestly say I know MOST of these songs. Oh Junior Year.  What a ride.  Also, Anna! You will be here in my home very soon! We can listen to these songs! And drink!

The Best of the Good: Found items