I am simply a book drunkard.


Terrible Twenties: Early Twenty-Something Girls – Here’s Some Knowledge For You


Hezah, 27

That’s a lot of nice ideas right there. Sometimes I see 22 year old girls in their hip little outfits hanging outside bars, grabbing pizza, shopping for more little outfits, and generally pretending to be the adults they think they want to be and I think…man, I wish I was 22 again….

Terrible Twenties: Early Twenty-Something Girls – Here’s Some Knowledge For You

Grammar! Friends! My favorites!

A Place to Go Back To

I’d like to go back to the beginning of reading.  I wish I could spy and record notes with Harriet.  I long to get lost in Narnia, to not yet know what is waiting at the back of the wardrobe.  I want to sit in a dreary cabin on a rock in the middle of a lake and find out in the midst of a storm from a giant that I am heading to Hogwarts.  I want to play The Egypt Game and get lost in the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler. I miss solving mysteries with Nancy Drew and the Boxcar Children, flying to Never, Never Land with Tinkerbell or tripping down the rabbit hole with Alice.  I want to travel down The White Way with Anne (with an E) and set off on an adventure with Lyra to meet an armored bear.  I want to survive a winter in The Little House in the Big Woods and feel what it’s like to find the Secret Garden behind that wall. I want to find out that my missing objects have been Borrowed and that I’m secretly A Little Princess. 

That first time magic, the surprise, the suspense and discovery is forever lost.  It waits for me still in the next unopened book, but I will never be that kid again, devouring 10 books in one sitting because my life depends on finding out what happens next.  I’d like to go back to the beginning of reading, just to experience all that wonder one last time. 


THE MAGIC BEGINSA Harry Potter Challenge » Emily and I thought we all need a little more HP in our lives again so we came up with this 30 Day Photoshop -challenge to revive all the feels.

1 – Favourite character.
2 – Favourite book.
3 – Favourite movie.
4 – Favourite ship.
5 – Favourite house/your house.
6 – Most powerful quote/favourite lines.
7 – Favourite scene.
8 – A scene you really wanted to be in the movies, but wasn’t.
9 – A character you feel the need to defend.
10 – Saddest scene.
11 – A character death you wish didn’t happen.
12 – Favourite canon ship/couple.
13 – Favourite Wizarding Family.
14 -Favourite villain/anti-hero/antagonist.
15 – Dreamcast for your favourite character(s).
16 -Favourite scenery/locations.
17 – Favourite marauder.
18 – A ship you like, but you think everyone else doesn’t.
19 – Funniest moment.
20 – Favourite Professor.
21 – Favourite spell/curse.
22 – Favourite patronus/your patronus.
23 – Dumbledore’s Army? The Order of the Phoenix? or The Death Eaters?
24 – Scariest scene/character.
25 – Favourite class.
26 – A really emotional scene/moment.
27 – Favourite friendship.
28 – A ship you wish everyone else is into.
29 – A character you’d like to see more of on your dashboard.
30 – Favourite memory of the HP fandom. (This can be in text form)