Oh hey, remember when I blogged?

Oh! And remember when I’ve already made that terrible joke before? As previous titles? When I go forever without blogging? And then I try to make it funny? Har-har-har.

Anywho, before I made roughly a hundred terrible jokes, I was thinking “oh hey, I should probably write a blog sometime soon…or really I should write anything”.  Because really, you guys, do you remember when I wanted to be a writer? Because that was a real thing. I super seriously wanted to write. *Ahem* Want to write. So this is my next minor ditch effort to get myself back into the swing of things.

I have some writing ideas that I’m ready to set in motion, which sounds like something slackers say (because it is) (yeah mom, I’ve got lots of ideas, I’m just waiting for the right time) (Or the WRITE time!) (Kill me). I finished student teaching, and now I’m studying constantly (read: not at all) for my teacher tests and frantically (barely) working on my portfolio. I wish those were jokes, but I really need to do that nose to the grind stone thing. Which is clearly why I’m blogging. To avoid doing anything, you know…productive.  

Literally, this post was a waste of time to write. And probably read. I apologize pals. I truly and deeply apologize. But I love you all. X’s and O’s. Keep your fingers crossed that I get a real job and can then focus on important things (ie: the writing). LOVE!