Historically accurate Disney Princesses by Claire Hummel


“The fact is,” Steve Jobs famously told the New York Times in 2008, trying to convince them that Amazon’s (AMZN) Kindle was a nonstarter, “that people don’t read books anymore.”

So frankly, I’m glad that even though I just bought an iPhone, I still have my NOOK. Plus about a kajillion hard copy books that are just begging to be read. How rude of you, Steve Jobs. The book industry can’t afford to be forking over 30% of it’s profits. Ridiculous.

Apple to book readers: Our way or the highway – Apple 2.0 – Fortune Tech

I shouldn’t work with the public

Customer: Hi, we’re coming to pick up our boat today, just calling to make sure you’re open.
Me: Yep! What’s the name so I can pull your bill for you?
Customer: ******. But also, Terry needs to help us put the boat in the water, so I was wondering when a good time would be.
Me: Oh, Terry needs to deliver the boat?
Customer: Oh, no, I mean, I’m coming up to pay for it.
Me: …right, but we’ll need to deliver it.
Customer: I mean, we’re just down on Waneta Lake.
Me: Ok, but are you picking the boat up?
Customer: Yes, we just don’t have a way to tow it.
Me: …so how exactly are you picking it up?
Customer: Well that’s what I meant, we need Terry to help us put it in the water.
Me: So we need to deliver it.
Customer: We just don’t have a trailer hitch and we figured he could drop it off.
Me: So we need to deliver it.
Customer: I guess, is that what it’s called?