Visiting Dairy Queen with my father to visit my mother while she was working. I screamed and cried because we were in line and I could see her up ahead but I couldn’t get to her.  Always a crybaby. 


Books I want to read (and you might too)

250 Books By Women All Men Should Read

Esquire made reposted a slide show of 75 books all men should read. The books are mostly fantastic and the headline phrasing didn’t much bug us. After all, Esquire is a men’s magazine and has always been marketed as such. The problem was that the list was all male writers, save for lone lady Flannery O’Connor. This really does imply that men don’t/can’t/shouldn’t read women and we were pretty sure that wasn’t the case among readers. We were also sure that part of the editorial reason for making such a list this way was to generate a response, so here it is. Over Memorial Day weekend we asked Joyland readers, editors, and contributors to come up with a list of 75 Books By Women All Men Should Read. We received over 250 suggestions in two hours. We think the below is a seriously devastating list of great books all men should read. Thank you everyone who took part via Facebook and Twitter. We had to format many different kinds of responses so let us know if we made a mistake with your selections. Also please, keep the talk going in the comments and everywhere else. — Emily Schultz and Brian Joseph Davis, publishers of Joyland

(description copied from Joyland: A Hub for Short Fiction)

Books I want to read (and you might too)

Lopsided Sunburns

Doing: Getting ready to meet up with two pals (little cousin and little friend) to sit in the sun and attempt to even out the hideous sunburn I acquired whilst driving back from LongGuyLand yesterday. Kyle slept the whole way and I didn’t notice how effing hot my arm was getting until it was too late. Wamp wamp. I’m picking up some iced coffees and going to sit by the pond while I catch up with the little ones. They both just finished their freshmen years of college…so grown up!

Reading: SOOKIE STACKHOUSE! I finished Swamplandia! while we were at the hotel. It was…okay. It was a very basic story told against an unusual backdrop with beautiful writing. But I finished it and felt less than impressed…as wonderful as her writing is, it was all very predictable.


In any case, I now feel as though I can finally get down to brass tacks (is that the appropriate phrase?) and read my Sookie book that I downloaded on my Nook WEEKS ago. Both Caitlin and Katie finished it in a hot second and have been annoyed at my slow pace. I haven’t had time, though!

Eating: I might have just had my leftover shrimp from yesterday’s Red Lobster visit for my breakfast. I don’t regret it in any way and it was damn good. 

Thinking: about weddings.

The one we attended this weekend was beautiful. They got hitched without a hitch (I couldn’t resist) and everything went perfectly. I had a wonderful time, even though I only knew a couple people. Kyle likes to tell people that it’s astounding how quickly I can make friends. It was definitely a total blast. 

Of course, it leads me to thinking about our own approaching nuptials. Kyle and I are still so incredibly on the fence about having a wedding. We want to be married, there are no questions about that, but the ceremony and the party? Blah…there’s so much to do and so much money to spend and so much involved and we’re both feeling a little…underwhelmed by it all. We’ll keep you posted on the decisions of course, but for the meantime…don’t go buying your dress yet.

Working: Back at it! Switz at 4 tonight, Terry’s Wednesday-Saturday, Switz Thursday-Saturday, Sunday OFF! 

It’s almost June.  More importantly, it’s 20 days until my 25th birthday. Kind of a big deal. 


I still get that stupid catchy Rebecca Black song stuck in my head far too often.  

Excited to Read: MINDY KALING WROTE A BOOK!?!!?

Who else is really effing excited? You can read an excerpt of it here. I already hit Kyle roughly 47 times last night going ‘SHE’S JUST LIKE ME! I LOVE HER SO MUCH’ and I can only assume that the majority of my friends and women who are funny are going to be smacking their significant others to proclaim similar things. 

Craving: A cheeseburger. Ordered a grilled chicken salad instead. Oh the toils of life.

Doing:  Rearranging all the oil at the shop, and cleaning while I’m at it.  I’m gonna get my ass kicked by the guys when they try to find oil and it’s all on different shelves, but whatever. I’m tired of it being scattered. My organization makes more sense. They’ll just have to suck it up and get used to it.

Listening to: I found another song by Hello Saferide that I really enjoy: The Quiz. 

Also, pretty excited that I discovered groove shark…13 years after everyone else did. Good job, self. 

Excited for: LONG ISLAND THIS WEEKEND! Our dear friends David and Lyndsay are getting hitched on Sunday. I’m so happy that I won’t have to work for THREE WHOLE DAYS and I get to dress up and drink and eat and be merry. And spend lots of time with Kyle. I like our road trips together, even if it does mean that we’re ready to kill each other by the time we get home.  It’s those moments that really make me love him. Mostly.

In love with: This blog. If you’re not already reading it, you should be. 

Time to pick up lunch. TTFN!


Currently reading: Swamplandia! by Karen Russell. 


The book took me a bit to get into, but I made myself keep trudging along (the book has gotten RAVE reviews from everyone) and I’m glad I did. I can’t hardly wait to get back to it and find out if The Bird Man and Ava will find Ossie, or if Kiwi will ever make any money at THE LEVIATHAN. It’s also one of those books that makes me feel smarter while I read it. In other words, it’s not a Sookie Stackhouse book (though it doesn’t mean I love my Sookie books any less). 

Currently Listening to on Repeat: Anna by Saferide. 

Thanks to Anna Quinn for introducing me to this song a year ago. I had a whole list of songs she’d given me that I had never listened to (sorry Anna) but I came across them the other day, and now I can’t stop listening to this one. 

Currently Eating: Salads. And a lot of them. Which means I’ve been hunting for delicious low fat dressings AND I’ve discovered a new favorite. 

Currently doing: Working at Terry’s today until 2, running home to relax for 40 minutes, then off to the Switz for wing night. It’s gorgeous out, so hopefully we’ll probably be slammed. I’m pretty okay with that idea since we’re heading to Long Island this weekend for a wedding and I could use some pocket change.